Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Play MXF with VLC on Mac and Windows?

These days I’ve been trying to figure out how to get VLC to recognize MXF recordings, how to play MXF with VLC on Mac and Windows, but there is no-go. Can anyone kindly shed some light on this issue?

Material Exchange Format (MXF) is an open-standard container or a wrapper format for digital audio and video media. There are many camcorders use MXF format, like Sony XDCAM series, Panasonic P2 series and Canon XF series. Unfortunately MXF is not an easy format to handle both on Windows and Mac. In this article, we aim to offer you an easy way to help you play MXF with VLC media player freely.

VLC media player is the most successful free open source cross-platform multimedia player in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. There are still many people encountered problems when playing MXF with VLC on Mac and Windows.

“I am using VLC to play some MXF files. The files play fine but it seems I cannot seek. Whenever I try to click to a position on the scrollbar the video will freeze and jump to the beginning. I am wondering is this a known issue?”

If you tried to play MXF with VLC on Mac and Windows, you may probably run into the same situations as mentioned above. To be able to make MXF files viewable on a Mac or a Windows PC through VLC, you are suggested to transcode MXF to a format that is suitable for your media player. This requires third party software like Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac. (Windows version)


Below is the simple guide about how to play MXF with VLC on Mac and Windows.

Step 1: Backup your MXF files to hard drive. Install and launch MXF Video Converter for Mac. Drag and drop MXF files to the software. You can import multiple files at once thanks to “Add from folder” button.

Step 2: Click the drop-down list in the format line to get the format box. Then choose “HD Video>>H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)” as output format.

Step 3: You can adjust the parameters by clicking “Settings” button, choose the resolution, bitrate, frame rate and etc. as you want.

Step 4: You can preview to check the final result. Once you are satisfied with it, click the “Convert” button to start converting MXF files to H.264 HD Video MP4 for playing with VLC flawlessly. It will take you a little while.

Conclusion: Once the conversion process shows in 100%, click “Open” to get the output videos. Now, you can play MXF with VLC on Mac and Windows without any issues.

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2015 Easter Promotion- Special Offer on Pavtube Video Converter for Mac with 50% Off

This article will go through briefly about Pavtube special offer and big deal on 2015 Easter promotion. Attractive activities of this grand festival held by Pavtube Studio will also be introduced.

What do people usually do on Easter Day?
Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday, which celebrate the Jesus Christ's resurrection after his crucifixion. Many people also decorate eggs. These can be hard boiled eggs that can be eaten later, but may also be model eggs made of plastic, chocolate, candy or other materials. It is also common to organize Easter egg hunts. Eggs of some form are hidden, supposedly by a rabbit or hare. People, especially children, then search for them. In some areas, Easter egg hunts are a popular way for local businesses to promote themselves or may even be organized by churches.

What could Pavtube Studio offer on this grand festival?
Since Easter is approaching, Pavtube Studio provides special offer on Pavtube Video Converter for Mac with 50% off! It saves your totally half price! This Mac Video Converter enables users to backup, convert, transcode, compress and edit source videos and movies to a preferred format for your mobile phones, tablets, or smart TV so you would have a chance to experience the Easter Day traditions at home with the help of Pavtube. Besides, you can import your Easter memorable videos to non-linear editing system like FCP, iMovie/FCE, Premiere, Avid and etc. for further editing so that you can share the fantastic moments with your family and friends. Burn them into DVDs for keeping is also a pretty good idea!

What can you expect for Pavtube special offer on 2015 Easter promotion?
Pavtube Studio is offering special discount on Video Converter for Mac to celebrate this year's Easter Day from March 30 to April 5. During these 7days, you can get wonderful products with attractive price just $17.5 /piece

With this Mac Video Converter, you can do some simple edit work. On the program’s main interface, “Edit” is waiting for you. “Trim” to decide where to start and where to end, “Crop” to cut some unwanted clips, “Subtitles” to add some explanations to your audience and so on. Before conversion, you can preview the videos. When the video is playing, you may take snapshoot when it plays to your favorable frame by clicking the “Snapshoot” button. Tick off “Merge into one file” when you want to combine several files into an integrated one. You can also change aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 and vice versa, rotate 90 degrees clockwise, anti-clockwise, add plug-in subtitles, apply special effect, and more. Why not download the free trail from the official website and take a close look and then have a try?

How about “Settings”? You can change the parameters by clicking “Settings” button. When Profile Settings pops up, you can change the bit rate, frame rate, codec, audio channel and etc. there. To be frank, if you are not good at change the parameters, you’d better follow the default ones. At least it can maintain the best video quality.

Starting on March 30 and ending on April 5, Pavtube Studio provides 2015 Easter promotion for all users. Let’s enjoy the annual Easter Sunday and the half price special offer! You can click here to know more details about Pavtube Easter Promotion!

More information about Pavtube, you can go to Pavtube official website.

Friday, March 27, 2015

How to Convert Videos to Kindle or other E-Read Devices?

Amazon Kindle devices enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking. You cannot wait to learn more about how to convert videos to Kindle or other e-read devices, can you?

Whether you are the proud new owner of an e-read device, it can often be difficult for you to know how to convert videos to Kindle or other e-read devices for entertainment. How to deal with different formats which are not compatible with kindle or other e-read devices?

The prices of e-readers are constantly going down. Many users feel that this is a fair price for a device that lets read and manage electronic books. On the other side, e-readers are single-purpose devices. Some of them offer extra features like web browsing and it’s really functional. E-readers have technical limitations (like e-paper screen), and they are not meant to give anything more than sheer pleasure of reading.

Are you eager to place your personal owned videos on Kindle? If your source media is what Kindle compatible with, just transfer from computer hard drive to the portable tablet; otherwise, you might need to convert MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, Tivo, VOB, MXF, and more videos and movies to Kindle playable MP4 in advance. Here, you can depend on Pavtube Video Converter for Mac. It’s a professional Mac Video Converter for Kindle. If you are Windows users, you can refer to Pavtube Video Converter.


How to convert videos to Kindle or other e-read devices?

Step 1: Download and install the program from the website or click the free trial icon. Then, launch the best Mac video converter for Kindle and load your original video files in with “Add video” or “Add from folder”. Directly drag files in is available.

Step 2: Choose the right output format for Kindle. As we mentioned above, we would like to introduce you to select the “Android>>Amazon Kindle Fire HD (*.mp4)” as the export format.

Tips: If you cannot locate the particular profile for your device, choose the general one for Android tablet or smart phone as output format.

Step 3: Customize the profile settings such as video codec, size, bitrate, frame rate, etc for output. For HD videos and movies, you can customize the video size as 1280*800 and set video bitrate as 1500~3000 to get a balanced output HD video for Kindle.

Step 4: Back to the program main UI, and hit the “Convert” icon to start converting videos to Kindle or other e-read devices.

Conclusion: When the conversion completes, get the converted files from output folder and you can transfer and watch them on Kindle or other e-read devices with smooth playback. By the way, we have promoted money saving bundles & deals activity. It really saves a lot! Why not take a look and have a try about high quality products with attractive price?

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to Import Videos to iMovie?

There is no doubt that iMovie is the best free home movie editing software. However, its supported video formats are limited. How if you want to edit videos which are not compatible with iMovie? It's used to be a headache.

Where are your videos from? In nowadays, most videos are from cameras or camcorders. Maybe there are still videos from phones or other devices, but cameras and camcorders are the best choice when capturing. With the memory card, much information could be stored. But there is only one problem that different camcorders record videos in different formats. For example: most HD camcorders now could capture AVCHD files in MTS or M2TS format, some camcorders could capture MOV and MP4 files while some JVC camcorders capture TOD and MOD videos. How to handle these videos in various formats in iMovie?

Not all the formats could be accepted by iMovie. Actually, MOV is the best choice for iMovie editing. That's totally because iMovie could read MOV directly without any problems or rendering. Of course, you can import videos to iMovie for editing with the help of third-party software. But how?
Tips: iMovie/FCE supported video formats

Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac is what you need. Compare with many other such video conversion tools, you will find this software is much powerful. Conversion could be easily achieved, but to keep the high quality will be much more difficult. Most such tools will supply new videos with much quality loss, but never will this HD Video Converter for Mac. It could easily help to transcode the videos to any other format you want, of course including AIC MOV for iMovie.


Tutorial on importing videos to iMovie for further editing:

Step 1: Launch the HD Video Converter on your Mac, and then click the “Add video” button to import your videos directly. In order to import several files at one time, you can click “Add from folder” button.

Step 2: Click the “Format” bar to get the drop-down menu and you can get “iMovie and Final Cut Express>>Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov)” as the best output format.

Step 3: The built-in editing function provided by Mac HD Video Converter is something worth trying. To trim the video, add artistic effects, adjust audio, add watermark, customize video parameters and so on. You can get the work done splendidly. Of course, if you don’t think it’s a necessary to do, you can skip it and move onto the next step directly.

Step 4: Now, click "Convert" and let it go. This HD Video Converter for Mac supports batch conversion. So if you have lots of videos to convert, check “Shut down computer after conversion” and you can go away without keeping an eye on it.

Conclusion: Once the conversion process shows in 100%, click “Open” to get the output videos. Now, you can edit videos in iMovie with light speed. The newly released Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac program makes DVD creation much easier than ever before. It lets you burn any kind of video sources to playable DVDs within a few clicks.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Edit Canon T6i/750D MP4 in Final Cut Pro

When you attempt to import the MP4 video from Canon T6i to Final Cut Pro whatever FCP X/7/6 for some editing, you may encountered many problems, like import it slowly, and couldn't edit videos smoothly.

“I imported an mp4 file from Canon T6i/750D camera into Final Cut Pro, but if I click on it or try and put it on my timeline it gives me a general error message and says "error: out of memory."  I tried to convert the mp4 file in MPEG Stream clip but it said, "Error: can't prepare the movie."  The mp4 plays fine on my computer but I can't seem to convert it or edit it. I would really appreciate any help.”

Normally, we would like to adopt Final Cut Pro to edit MP4 videos, including Canon T6i/750D MP4 files mentioned above, YouTube MP4 videos, iTunes MP4 videos, and etc. in order to get better videos or more wonderful video files. Well, Final Cut Pro might not work with some MP4 files sometimes due to the codec issue or other reasons. In that case, you might try to find a way to convert MP4 to Final Cut Pro compatible format like MOV, DV, etc. This article here shows the MP4 to Final Cut Pro Mac conversion in details.
Tips: FCP supported video formats

The new Rebel-class DSLR uses the sophisticated H.264 compression method for recording video files to the camera's memory card. So the files you getting out of Canon T6i are suited to be delivered as what you don’t want. In order to edit Canon T6i MP4 files in Final Cut Pro smoothly, you need to convert its H.264 MP4 files to Apple ProRes codec, which ensures maximum editing quality and efficiency when working with FCP. To finish the task, you're recommended to use Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac, a professional and easy-to-use video converter for Mac Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, etc. users. By running it, there's no need to set the codec by you: the Mac program has optimized ProRes presets for Final Cut Pro.


Tutorial on converting Canon T6i MP4 files to ProRes 422 for FCP:

Step 1: Launch the HD Video Converter on your Mac, and then click the “Add video” button to import your MP4 files from Canon T6i directly. In order to import several files at one time, you can click “Add from folder” button.

Step 2: Click the “Format” bar to get the drop-down menu and you can get “Final Cut Pro>>Apple ProRes codec”, including ProRes 422, ProRes 422 (HQ), ProRes 422 (LT), ProRes 422 (Proxy) and ProRes 4444. Choose the proper one you want. Here, we suggest you to choose Apple ProRes 422 .mov as the best output format.

Step 3: Press the “Settings” icon and you’d better set the video frame rate as 30fps, video size as 1920*1080 for editing Canon T6i MP4 in FCP easily.

Step 4: Now, click "Convert" and let it go. The MP4 HD Video Converter for Mac supports batch conversion. So if you have lots of MP4 videos to convert, check “Shut down computer after conversion” and you can go away without keeping an eye on it.

Conclusion: Once the conversion process shows in 100%, click “Open” to get the output videos. Create a project and start Canon T6i editing MP4 files in Final Cut Pro with light speed.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Sony XDCAM EX MP4 Workflow - Convert XDCAM EX MP4 on PC/Mac

Hey guys how do you usually deal with the Sony XDCAM EX MP4 files? With the high definition recordings shot from Sony XDCAM EX camcorder, it will be cool for us to enjoy them on PC and Mac. In order to make Sony XDCAM EX MP4 files work well on PC and Mac, in the following page, the professional XDCAM EX converter you should not miss there.

XDCAM EX video and audio content is stored on Sony SxS solid-state Express Card 3/4 media within MP4 container files. You can record video either 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 modes. But after test, we find that this MP4 format by Sony can't even be played on Mac OS 10.8 which means the recordings cannot also be edit in some popular NLEs likeFCP, or Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. Therefore, some measures we should take to convert the XDCAM EX MP4 files on PC/Mac.

Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac, which is the professional XDCAM Video Converter, is dedicated to convert all Sony XDCAM series camcorder recorded MP4 to any popular video format to easily import XDCAM to Final Cut Pro,iMovieiTunes, iOS devices, etc.  It comes in both Mac and Windows version, features optimized format presets for a wide variety of editing programs, and is able to convert Sony EX1/EX3 MP4 to MOV or whatever formats you request in very simple steps. Nothing could be simpler or more immediate.

How to convert Sony XDCAM EX MP4 Files for editing or Playing on PC/Mac?
Step 1.Click "Add File" button to import your XDCAM files to the XDCAM Video Converter. (If your XDCAM recordings are not located in your computer, you need first transfer your footages from your camcorder to your computer).

Step 2. Select the output files as you need on the output list. There if you drop down the list you will find the various media players or editing tools are listed there for your choosing. For some common ones, you can go to the ‘HD Video’ item to take a look.

Step 3: Custom video and audio settings (for advanced user)
If you are an advanced user and want to adjust video and audio settings like bit rate, frame rate, etc. in your own way, you can click ‘Setting’ button and go to ‘Profile Settings’ panel to do so, if not, simply skip this step.

Finally, when you go back to the main interface and hit the ‘Convert’ button to start your job, after the conversion, so easily you can get the output files for PC and Mac. So just enjoy the MP4 recordings shot from Sony XDCAM EX camcorder.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Can PS4 Accept and Play MKV Files?

“Does Sony PS4 support MKV video files? How to play MKV files on Sony PS4 via USB Flash Drive?” As the container format, MKV seems has always not been popular in some editing tools or media players like QuickTime or iPad, etc. Today here we are going to have a talk on how to play MKV files on PS4.

The specs of PS4 impress people greatly and are well ahead of any existing game console. Specifically, Sony PS4 features 4K resolution, eight-core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU, 8GB of GDDR5 memory, built-in 500GB hard disk drive. Now, it is becoming the most popular media player for us to enjoy the high definition movies at home instead of going to the cinema. Before transfer movies to USB Flash Drive, you will need to know what video format is supported by Sony PS4, only supported video format can be well played by PS4. However, MKV is the unavailable one.

From Sony PlayStation 4 official website we can know that MP4 video format is the only format supported by Sony PS4, once convert MKV to Sony PS4 MP4 format, we can play videos smoothly. The MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, AVCHD, MTS, M4V, MOV files are all not supported by PS4, so if you have movies in these formats, the best way is to convert them to PS4 MP4 format. Pavtube Video Converter we all think could be the best professional one for transcoding MKV files. With it, you don’t need to worry about video compatibility problems.

It is easy to convert MKV files to MP4 format for Sony PS4 with this best video converter, now you can follow the easy steps below, you can get files converted to compatible format in just few steps below:

Step 1.Download the MKV to PS4 Converter from our website, run it on your computer, it is top Sony PS4 video converter on the market that can convert nearly all the formats to any format that you need. With the ‘Add file’ button, we can easily import our files to this program.

Step 2. Choose MP4 as output format if you want to play movies on PS4, MP4 is the best compatible format for playable devices. Here we suggest you to select the ‘HD Video’>>’H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)’ as the best one.

Tips: Click settings button you will be able to customize the output parameters, you can adjust the resolution, bitrate or others according to your needs.

This program will convert MKV files to Sony PS4 at a fast speed, because AMD APP and NVIDIA CUDA acceleration is supported, it will save you much time, when the software converted MKV to MP4 for Sony PS4, you can transfer converted files to USB Flash Drive and then play on PS4 via USB.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Convert Sony 4K XAVC S to MOV, MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, SWF, on PC/Mac

“A problem arose when I tried to import XAVC S files into FCP 7. It won’t work… at all. I’ve done some tests looking for a (free) conversion software for XAVC-S to QuickTime .mov. I tried some native Mac apps like Compressor, MPEG Streamclip, and Toast. None worked’

Have you guys ever met the issues when editing or playing your 4K XAVC files there? Do you get any best XAVC video assistants to help us a lot in converting XAVC files to other common ones like MOV, MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, SWF, etc for editing or playback? Consequently, for native importation of Sony 4K XAVC-S videos, it is highly advisable to first convert XAVC/XAVC-S video format to Mac with appropriate codec. 

What’s the best XAVC S file converter for Mac?
1.FFmpeg should be able to remux from XAVC-S .mp4 to .mov with no transcoding necessary. I’ve tried yet, it imports my xavc-s videos, but it takes more time than its worth. I’d gave up the way.
2.To make it clearly for us to work with 4K XAVC files, Pavtube Video Converter for Mac can be the best XAVC converting program, which can help you transcode Sony XAVC or XAVC-S to any other common video formats with the high quality preserved, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, SWF, etc. What’s more, with so many various editing tools offered, it is popular for those video editors.

Guide on transcoding Sony 4K XAVC files to common ones for editing, playing, etc
Step 1.Install the program on Mac and run it. Drag the XAVC/XAVC S files to the software. Or you can also click “Add” button on the top of the main interface to import video to the program.

Step 2. Come to the output list, here we would like to suggest you to come to the output list to select the ‘Common Video’ to find the items you want. So many output common ones are here for your choosing. Or for NLEs, just drop down the list to find more.

Step 3: Custom video and audio settings (for advanced user)
If you are an advanced user and want to adjust video and audio settings like bit rate, frame rate, etc. in your own way, you can click ‘Setting’ button and go to ‘Profile Settings’ panel to do so, if not, simply skip this step.

Then we will come to the final step, on the main interface if you have done all the preparation work, why not hit the ‘Convert’ button to get your job started? With a faster conversion speed and easy operation, you won’t worry about your 4K XAVC recordings any more.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Play H.265/HEVC Video on LG Ultra HD 4K TV/Samsung/Philip TV

In the following article, we can learn that the page has been divided into several parts to tell us the introduction of H.265/HEVC videos, several kinds of 4K TVs, reasons for H.265/HEVC cannot be directly played on 4K TV or advantages of 4K TVs they take to us. Join us to know more?

Part 1. What does H.265/HEVC codec bring to us?

To be brief, higher quality and smaller size, that’s the highest characteristic belongs to H.265/HEVC videos. This new kind of codec has attracted so much attention on the market, as the first flow cameras that can output H.265 recordings, is that cool? 

Part 2. 4K TV? Any attractive features?
Unique sliding sound bar provides sound quality that complements the impressive 4K resolution of Ultra HD TVs.
State-of-the-art screen panel provides a wide viewing angle that makes every location the best seat in the house.
Intuitive Magic Remote provides simple and fun way to pick and choose what you want to watch.
LED Plus technology provides even greater control of brightness to deliver better contrast, amazing clarity and color detail.

Part 3.Why H.265/HEVC movies cannot directly playback on 4K LG TV/Samsung TV/Philip TV
Though 4K Ultra HD provides new standard of high definition, and undoubtedly be the future of TV resolution. H.265/HEVC, as the newest codec has not been accepted by all these 4K TVs. Due to the HDTV best supported video formats, it is necessary for us to transcode the H.265/HEVC videos for playback on 4K HD TV with professionalH.265/HEVC encoder/decoder.

Part 4.How to play H.265/HEVC movies on LG Ultra HD 4K TV/Samsung/Philip TV?
Seeking online for a long time, Pavtube Video Converter has a good reputation there. With the upgraded function ofencoding and decoding H.265/HEVC videos not long ago, we strongly recommend this program for you! With various output items and easy operation, it is pooular among the video lovers. Let’s learn more conversion steps below:

Step 1. Download and install the program from the website, load your original H.265/HEVC source in with ‘Add video’ directly drag files in is available.

Step 2.Choose the right output items for LG Ultra HD 4K TV/Samsung/Philip TV? Come to the output list, we are glad to introduce you suitable formats from "TVs" category.

Step 3. Optional: Adjust the video and audio parameters, including the Bitrate of Video & Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, etc., by clicking the ‘Settings’ button on the main interface for getting the best quality.

For the final step, when you did all the preparation work, it’s time to hit the ‘Convert’ icon on the main interface to start our work. With the higher definition H.265/HEVC brought to us, let’s watching our favorite movies on LG Ultra HD 4K TV/Samsung/Philip TV.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Play XAVC 4K videos on MX Player

Enjoy watching the latest hot movies on MX Player with your Philip TV? Especially for 4K XAVC movies, I have to admit that it is so enjoyable for us to watch the high definition movies with our family members. So today here we would like to introduce you the best method of watching XAVC4K videos on MX Player with no issues. Join us now?

With the introduction of many new video players into the market, MX Player remains one of the most popular video players in the Google Play Store. MX Player comes conveniently packaged with tons of video codec making it a go-to app for anyone looking for a do-it-all solution for playing a wide variety of video formats and XAVC 4K is included. What’s more, some guys may also have the issues of watching XAVC 4K videos with VLC media player, right?

Yes, 4K UltraHD video is coming to Android, according to Qualcomm. Despite that there’s a hot debate on whether 4K video capture and playback is really necessary. However, will those people be willing to purchase a new device simply for the purpose of playing 4K videos? So in order to make MX Player be friendly with the XAVC 4K videos, we highly recommend you the Pavtube Video Converter to help you do some changes with the XAVC 4K recordings, not only playing on MX Player, but also for other NLEs such like FCP X, etc.

Necessary steps we should know for converting XAVC 4K videos to MP4 for MX Player.
Step 1. Download the program from the website, load your original 4K source in with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’. On the other way, just directly drag your 4K files in is also available.

Step 2. Select the right formats for playing on MX Player. Here we suggest you to go to the ‘HD Video’ list, you will get the ‘H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)’ as the best output. For others? Why not choose one as your favorite?

Step 3. Wanna compress your 4K videos? Well, in the ‘Settings’ button, you can adjust video and audio settings, including codec, bitrates, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel. To down scale 4K to 1080p, do remember adjusting video size to 1920*1080. 

Finally, hit the big ‘Convert’ button and we can wait for the output movies which can be friendly for MX Player. With the faster conversion speed and the high quality preserved, it is wonderful to enjoy the XAVC 4K files with your family members!