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Friday, January 16, 2015

Premiere Pro CC Won't Import Panasonic AF100 MTS (AVCHD)?

You got the problem in importing Panasonic AF100 MTS (AVCHD) to the latest version Premiere Pro CC? After reading this paper, you may find answers.

Recently from the Adobe forum, we have found the question about the latest version of Premiere Pro CC can’t accept some container formats such like AVCHD MTS files. Today here we are going to talking the reasons and solutions about this topic.

Latest Premiere Pro CC cannot accept AF100 AVCHD MTS files?
Limited by Premiere Pro CC which was produced by Adobe company, some users complained like this’ Premiere Pro CC 2014 won't import Panasonic AF100 *.MTS(AVCHD) files (wrong compression type). Previous version of CC has NO problem importing them. Paid CC Windows 7 x64. What's the deal? Thank goodness I didn't delete the previous version!’ Some errors appear frequently during the processing. But how about the common MP4 or the latest H.265 videos?

Do you find any solutions to get rid of the trouble?
Someone has asked whether Media Browser can solve the trouble or not. They have tried that instead of dragging MTS files into Adobe Premiere Pro. Unfortunately it still does not work. Here some friends also recommend a MTS/M2TS to Premiere Pro CC Converter for Mac to do a favor.(For Windows Version?)

Step-by-step in converting MTS files in MTS to Premiere Pro CC Converter
After downloading the program, in first way, directly drag your files from camera storage when you connect them for a preparation. In second way, from the interface, two items can help you a lot, ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’. Then we are coming for the output format choosing, on the format list, from ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’ to ‘MPEG-2 (*.mpg). You won’t miss it!

Click on the "Settings" button, you will view the Profile Settings window where you can adjust video/audio parameters, like bitrates, frame rate, sample rate, codec, channels, etc. Please note that the larger bitrates, the bigger file size while the better video quality. You can also check "Merge into one file" to combine MTS videos into a big one instead.

For other friends who have not recognize Premiere Pro CC so much, open here to learn some primary knowledge of transferring files in. More opinions you can offer at the end of this paper.

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