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Monday, August 10, 2015

Edit H.265/HEVC in EDIUS 5/6/7/8

Summary: Are you mad that H.265/HEVC can’t be edited in EDIUS 5/6/7/8? So want to convert H.265/HEVC to EDIUS but don’t know how to do it? It’s resolved here.

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With the smaller size and higher quality, H.265/HEVC codec has become more and more popular codec used by more camcorder brands. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, promises twice the compression possible with Blu-ray’s best video compression methods. But how does it work, and is it enough to get us better-looking 4K content. Unfortunately, H.265 has not be popular enough to accepted by most NLEs like EDIUS, players or devices so we need some third-party H.265/HEVC Video Converter that can handle this kind of codec much well.

EDIUS Pro supported format for file import:

From the above table lists, we can see there EDIUS Pro has no file import support for H.265/HEVC compressed 4K video files. Therefore, how to successfully import H.265/HEVC to EDIUS becomes a hot issue. Since EDIUS lacks GPU acceleration for transcoding H.265/HEVC 4K video files, you will need to employ a third-party application to perform the video codec transcoding process for you. After multiple testing, I found Pavtube Video Converter is the best option. It is able to convert H.265/HEVC to EDIUS friendly format MPEG-2 easily with the best video quality. Besides H.265/HEVC, this video convert program can also help to convert between any popular video and audio formats as you need. Plus, with the built-in video editing feature of the program, you can trim, crop, add watermark and more to your video files.


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How to edit H.265/HEVC in EDIUS 5/6/7/8?

Step 1: As soon as you download and install the program, launch it and when the main interface pops up in front of us, just click the “Add Video” or “Add from Folder” to let in.

Step 2: Click the drop-down list in the format line to get the format box. Then choose “Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas>>MPEG-2 (*.mpg)” as output format.

Step 3: Click “Settings” button to customize the output video and audio settings by yourself. But if you are not good at it, you’d better use the default parameters, they will ensure you a good balance between file size and image quality basically. You can change the resolution, bit rate, frame rate as you need.

Step 4: After that, click “Convert” to start H.265/HEVC to MPEG-2 conversion.

 After conversion, you can get the generated files by clicking “Open” button. Now, you’ll get no troubles in editing H.265/HEVC files in EDIUS 5/6/7/8.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Sony AX100 XAVC S to PowerDirector 13: Export H.265/H264?

Receive XAVC S footage from the newest Sony FDR-AX100 camcorder? After editing your XAVC files in PowerDirector 13, both H.265 and H.264 codec videos you can get as output. but how to convert them freely to each other has become an important task.

'Last sunday I made my first shot with FDR-AX100. Then I edit the video with PowerDirector13 Ultra. I create 2 exports: One 4K-to-1080p H264 codec and One 4K-to-1080p H265 codec. Both videos are MP4 conteiners. In order to freely transcode the H.265 and H.264 to each other no matter for editing in NELs or playing on media players, I'm looking for a professional video converter that can work the issues well. Any good suggestions?'

Pavtube Video Converter---Best H.264/H.265 converter for us!

From H.264 to H.265, we can fully take advantage of the higher quality and smaller size. While from H.265 to H.264, it can help us edit or play H.265 videos on NELs and players much more eaisly. That's the truth! So here we strongly recommend the Pavtube Video Converter for you, with the newest version, it can support the H.265/HEVC videos encode and decode well.

Let’s see the great changes of this H.65 Video Converter(More details?)

Step 1.When you download and install this program in according to its instructions, open the main interface, drag your files with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’, we can easily let the source files in. The latest version can support the H.265/HEVC videos for importing well.

Step 2.Next, let’s come to the output list for more details, there are some main changes we should know better in this new version. Such as the added item ‘H.264 Baseline/Main/High’ three standards we can choose as we want. Usually, for some older devices, we can choose the baseline for the best, but for new, we always choose the ‘High’ to get the best quality.

Step 3.What’s more, we can see the added ‘HD Video>>H.265 HD Video(*/mp4)’, here we can transcode our video to H.265 codec. With the smallest body of H.265 videos, I’m afraid it will take us a lot of time. So if you are free, why not have a try to presume the higher video quality? As mentioned above, we can choose this one for editing in PowerDirector for a nice editing.

What’s more, the upgraded version has already fixed the bug of the crash when importing XAVC files in for working. Additionally, the original ‘Settings’ and ‘Edit’ functions they have preserved well.

Tips: For now, the two versions are only available for Windows, the upgraded Mac version will release as soon as possible. So if you have already got this H.265 video converter, just click the ‘Help’>>’Update’ to the latest version for more enjoyment. Now, are you still worrying about how o deal with the H.264/H.265 videos after edited from PowerDirrector 13?


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Let’s Get Closer to HEVC (H.265) & H.265 Transcoder

This guide below can easily take us closely to the latest codec H.265 and what’s more, we can got a best way of encoding H.265 videos well.

Brief introduction of HEVC/H.265 codec videos:

With the development of more and more video codec types, recently, the H.265/HEVC codec has become the hottest one online, do you have any message about it? H.265/High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a video compression standard, a successor to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), that was jointly developed by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG). HEVC is said to double the data compression ratio compared to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at the same level of video quality.

How could we play our H.265/HEVC videos for nice enjoyment?
Some users may wonder that if there are any players or devices to support H.265 videos since the H.265 videos are not popular. Frankly, according to the research, the vast majority of mainstream player developers are launching the technologies for playing H.265 videos. By means of searching on Google, you will find plenty of players support H.265 video playback. Moreover, some manufactures even market their H. 265 video converter.

According to the statistic data comes from the third party, it is obvious that portable devices and computers in support of playing H.265 video are widely spread and the shipment is on rise. This indicates that H.265 video will be very popular in the future. As the leading video tool developer, I don’t know if you have noticed that the Pavtube Studio has announced that they can encode or decode the H.265 videos nicely?

Best H.265/HEVC transcoder ---Pavtube HD Video Converter(Version
Cause there are not so many editing apps or media players can support the H.265/HEVC videos yet for now, we here introduce the a upgraded HD video converter to you, which has a strong ability of transcoding this new H.265 codec to other common ones. More upgraded details you can open here.(Upgraded changes)

Step-by-step guide on working this H.265 video converter well
Step 1, From the official website, you can download the latest version and install this program according to its instructions. When you get into the main interface, two buttons on the left corner you can load your source H.265 files in, ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’. Batch conversion is also supported well.

Step 2.Cause this program ca encode the H.265/HEVC files, so it is freely to load your files in. Then, wanna the suitable output to transcode H.265 codec to common ones for playing on handle devices or media players? Let me give you the ‘H.264 MP4’ as the example. Come to the ‘Common Video’, three types of H.264 codec we can choose as our favorite, ‘H.264 Baseline/Main/High’.

Tips: Usually, we choose the ‘H.264 High Profile Video’ as our best for advanced devices, if you still own older device, maybe the ‘H.264 Baseline Profile Video’ could be your best.

Step 3.Still, there are some other functional items you can take around, such as the ‘Edit’, here we can edit your output files with a nice enjoyment, right? Such like the ‘Trim’, to decide where to start and where to end. ‘Crop’ to remove your unwanted video edges, or ‘Subtitles’ to add some explanations, etc. Switch into to the ‘advanced mode’, more items you can find here.

Finally, back to the interface, if you have finished the preparation work, why not click the ‘Convert’ to start your conversion job? More details about this H.265 codec, you can open this guide to know more here. Any other suggestions or opinions you can leave as comments below.

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