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Monday, May 23, 2016

4K TV Video Converter- Play 4K Video on 4K TV

Summary: 4K is definitely the biggest thing in display tech. This article will shed you some light on how to play 4K video on 4K TV. Keep reading and find something useful to you.

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The term 4K is derived from the movie industry format of 4096*2160 pixels, and refers to the roughly 4,000 pixels across the screen. That's a break from the past, in which screens were defined by the number of pixels, or lines of pixels, from top to bottom. Entry-level HDTVs, for example, have 720 lines, known as 720p, and the best HDTVs today have 1080 lines (1080p). 4K, also known as ultra HD, is the biggest thing in TV nowadays — literally. This format offers four times the pixels of HDTV, plus better color, and is designed especially for very large TVs.

Currently, most 4K movies are recorded in MXF/RAW/XAVC/XAVC-S format. Sometimes, we’ll receive a big, fat “NO” when trying to import 4K video to Samsung/Sony/VIZIO/LG/Panasonic 4K Smart 3D/LED TV, because some of them fail to accept a few video formats like 4K YouTube FLV, Amazon WMV movies, etc. In this regard, we will have to get rid of the format issue with the help of third-party software.

Pavtube Video Converter- 4K TV video converter, is a genius in handling all 4K problems: convert 4K video to 4K TV acceptable format, transcode 4K to any other videos, transfer 4K to most portable media devices like iPhone 6/6 plus/5/4s/4, Galaxy S6/S5, iPad Air 3, etc., and any other tasks that you would like to assign.


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How to play 4K video on 4K TV?

Step 1: As soon as you download and install the program, launch it and when the main interface pops up in front of us, just click the “Add Video” or “Add from Folder” to let in.

Step 2: Click the drop-down list in the format line to get the format box. Then choose suitable formats according to your requiments from “TVs”.

Step 3: After that, click “Convert” to start the conversion for playing smoothly on 4K TV.

Conclusion: After conversion, you can get the generated files by clicking “Open” button. Now, you’ll get no troubles in playing 4K video on 4K TV via USB freely.

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