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Two Different Methods of Importing XAVC Footage into FCP

Summary: On Quora, there are so many people encountering or have ever encountered by importing XAVC footage to FCP for editing, here I would give some tips to those “sufferers”.

XAVC related issues hlep may be something like below:

I hope someone can help. We shot a multicam shoot using F55's and now when we are trying to import the XAVC Intra HD files into FCP we are getting an error that says that there may be no codec for FCP. Has anyone encountered this problem?

There are two methods to handle the issues, the first one is free while the second will make your edit work easier form the day you get it on.  

Free first, download the XAVC plug-in from Sony support page, then import your XAVC files whether HD, up to 4K into Final Cut Pro X for immediate, native editing without transcoding. However, the precondition is that your Mac should be powerful enough to deal with the huge footage of XAVC, Mac Pro or iMac which released after 2013 shall be excluded.

The second and the best solution for the CANNOT trouble you faced is to try a third party app help you transcode the XAVC footage into the FCP supported or easy to recognized format, Apple ProRes 422/ LT/HQ/Proxy or ProRes 4444 may be the most compatible choices.

Before I begin, let’s make it clear that it’s not just a production or technique testing article. I am a shutterbugs for over 7 years, I have ever encounter lots of cannot importing, editing, transferring issue just like what you have faced before. I am also have no idea about that before I turn to Quora for help.

In Quora, there are really many and many good suggestions for improving your task or let you have some idea with your the task and let you get it finished finally. Here I wanna recommend you a professional XAVC video converterfor Mac(it named Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac in market, I like to call it XAVC Converter) to you which I got from Quora last winter, don’t hesitate to get this.

Back to question mentioned above, when you got the XAVC Converter, just install and run on your Mac. This software can convert XAVC to Apple ProRes 422 with best video and audio quality, besides. From my experiences, it runs faster than other’s products. Meanwhile, this XAVC Converter is able to convert various camcorder footage to compatible formats for iPad/iPhone, Android devices, as well iMovie, Adobe Premiere, FCE, Avid Media Composer, and so on. 

Oh, I almost forgot one thing cause I am a Mac user, the Windows Version, Pavtube HD Video Converter also available, it have the same ability of handling XAVC problem. Just select the right version, i’ll give the Mac version as example due to I am a Apple fans(smiled). 


Steps of Convert XAVC to Apple ProRes 422/ LT/HQ for FCP

Step 1: click top left icons to load your XAVC video to XAVC Converter for Mac. You can load individual videos by clicking “add videos”, or load the entire folder by clicking “add from folder”.

Step 2: From "Format" drop-down option, choose the output format according to your own preference, for FCP editing, select "Final Cut Pro" >"Apple Prores 422(*.mov)" / "Apple Prores 422(LT)(*.mov)" / "Apple Prores 422(HQ)(*.mov)" to output.

Tips: If you want to stream your video clip to your Table or your phone so that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want, just choose the correct format your devices support. Or select brand name your device on the format list, such as Samsung, iPhone. Then you can enjoy the video without any quality drop or lagging. 

Step 3: Open "Profile Settings" window to adjust output video and audio parameter settings according to your own preference. For smooth workflow of XAVC video with FCP programs, you are recommended to downscale 4K XAVC video to 1080p from "Size(pix)" drop-down selection.

Step 4: After all the setting is over, go back to the main interface and hit right-bottom "Convert" button to start XAVC video to FCP conversion process.

If you have question about transferring to FCP, click here get the help tips.

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